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Natura White Glutathione Lotion  with Collagen and Vitamin E

Natura White Glutathione Lotion with Collagen and Vitamin E


Natura White Glutathione Lotion has a powerful blend of Collagen, Glutathione and Vitamin E that is proven to be effective in lightening dark spots and can help even out skin tone, while Collagen helps in giving your skin that healthy youthful glow.



Niacinamide - It improves skin tone, lightens dark spots, and boost hydration.  It may also help balance oil and sebum production to decrease acne breakouts

Vitamin E - It protect the cells from damage, moisturize and softens the skin.

Carica Papaya Extract - It brightens the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, promotes skin cell regeneration and supports healthy skin aging.
Collagen -  It plays a role in strengthening the skin, as well as in skin elasticity and hydration
Glutathione - It reduces oxidative stress in the body to improve your overall complexion such as reduce dark spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone. It has also been found to decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.



Apply generously onto the body. For best results, use twice daily and avoid sunlight exposure.



Store in a clean and dry place at temperatures between 20 to 30oC. Avoid exposure to sunlight and heat

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